Goddess of Wisdom and War

Goddess of Wisdom and War

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My Three Treasures

My Three treasures are my teddy bear named Diamond. My necklace with my name on it. And my Christmas ornament. I picked these treasures, because I have had them all my life. I plan on passing them down to my children, and I hope they will pass it down to their kids.

To begin with, my first treasure was recieved by my family. It is more important to me than anything because it was my fist teddy bear. It was given to me on my very first Christmas, and it also reminds me of Little Bear. Diamond, my teddy bear, is a medium-sized bear with brown fur. When I was younger, my bear would keep my calm when I was scared. My bear lies down on my bed during the day, and sleeps with me in the night.

Next, is my second favorite treasure. It was my very first necklace. This was recieved by my family. It is important to me because, it has my name in it, it has my birthstone, which is a Peridot on it, and when I was in the 2nd grade, I was the only one with that necklace. My necklace reminds me of myself. This is because it is a golden color and I am an golden child. My necklace has a gold chain with gold letters. The letters are in cursive.

My last treasure was made by me, I have had my ornament since I was in kindergarden. It is important to me because I made it. It makes me think of my favorite teacher, and my family puts it on every Christmas tree. My Christmas ornament is red, it has sprinkles all over it. On the front of the ornament is my kindergarden picture.

I picked these items because they remind me of the people I love, and the people that love me. I will keep these treasures for the rest of my life into the next life time. Then, I will pass them down to the next generation. And hopefully my kids will love them and care for them as I do.

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