Golden Turd

Golden Turd

Once upon a time there was a lazy girl who didn’t want to do her homework. She would rather spend her day perusing the lives of past friends and acquaintances on Facebook than spend a minute on writing her essay due by the end of the day. With a quick Google search she found a website filled with essays, and she was in heaven. She picked one on her topic, changed the wording, and she was done! Time to continue stalking all the popular girls in high school. Life is grand. The end.


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Hi, Welcome to my QRZ page. I use the nicknames; Bob or Cotton on the air. Bob is shorter for shot gun QSOs, dxing, and cw and much easier for most dx to understand is why I default to it most of the time above 40 meters. To clarify, my mother calls me Bob and my wife calls me Cotton, my kids know me as Bob and my grandkids call me Cotton----I'm sure that helps you to understand smiley.
I got my previous call WN5MUM (WA5MUM) as a boy scout at age 14 in May 1965, my Advanced Class in 1971, my Extra Class in 1991. I applied for this vanity call sign WO5R and received it on August 30, 2013. 2015 will be my Fiftieth anniversary year of being licensed as a Ham. The QSL card with the old 1841 Republic of Texas fifty dollar bill was one my ideas for a design to commemorate.
In the past, I was very active in many aspects of emergency communications as a member of ARES, RACES, and Army Mars. I have served as a past...

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