Good Charloote

Good Charloote

go 2 for more info on the alternative/punk band, GC.: Structure :.

All interpretations aside, this poem is an italian sonnet. It has 14 lines, the abbaabba ryhme scheme, follows the iambic pentameter, and is clearly divided between the octet and sestet. The site did mistype it, there are only two stanzas, the break being between lines 8 and 9. Also, just because rules are bent, it doesnt mean the poem isnt a sonnet. John Donne disregarded iambic pentameter and rhyme scheme in most of his poems and they are still considered Petrarchan sonnets

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.: design :.

This poem is an Italian sonnet that is broken up into an octave and sestet. The octave is asking a question and the sestet is an answer to the question.

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.: order of universe :.

Frost mediates whether there is any design or natural rule in this world by discribing the coincidence: a white spider holding a white moth on a white flower. Although the white moth thought the white healall was safe for its hiding it was still trapped by the sly white spider hiden there before. He questions the exist of God. "what brought the kindred to that height then steered the white moth thither in the night?" IF the God is there why the x exists? D

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it might also be a deeper darker meaning. he mentioned darkness and darkness is considered evil. it seems odd that the only whit healall flower when they are usually blue have this white spider that are usually black have killed this white moth? his last line mentions if evil orchestrated not in people or bombs and war but can be seen in things as small as an insect. it would make you think.

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.: a REAL analysis :.

I absolutely love this poem and looking through some of these so called analyzations of the poem I am not very impressed (especially with the April 28th entry hello this...

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