Good Dragon vs Evil Dragon

Good Dragon vs Evil Dragon

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Qiu, Sang Lana K. Phillips ESL 33B 11/02/08

Righteous Dragon VS Evil Dragon

In Guilbault’s essay, “Americanization is Tough on Macho”, she wrote “The impact of language in our society is undeniable. And the misuse of macho hints at a deeper cultural misunderstanding that extends beyond mere word definitions.” A single word in two cultural can lead the meanings so different. How about one creature, which may not exist in the real world? In the Western world today, especially many Hollywood films, dragon is usually portrayed as evil, monster and destroyer which always bring disaster to human world. Unlike the negative energies associated with Western Dragons, most Chinese dragons are beautiful, friendly, and wise. They are the angels of the Orient. Why there are two sides of dragons in the world? The two dragons obviously reflect some differences between Chinese and Western culture.
Chinese dragon always connects with the good things in Chinese culture. Hence, Chinese people have a lot of ways to show great belief and respect towards the dragon. In Chinese culture, the year of the dragon, which takes place ever twelve, is lucky. The old Chinese people often say that children who born during Dragon Years enjoy health, wealth, and long life. During Chinese New Year, dragon dance which is a form of traditional dance and performance is symbolized as bringing good luck and propensity to next year. It is a group of team dance and the goal is to let a paper-made dragon turn and twist as a “real” dragon flying in the sky. When the dragon goes up to the climax, it is one of the most wonderful moments of childhood memory for many Chinese. There are two phrases about dragon is commonly used in Chinese culture. One is “Hoping one’s son will become a dragon”. This phrase is often used for describing how eagerly parents want their child to become as good as dragon in the future. Many...

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