Good Governance

Good Governance

Report On

Good Governance

Submission Date:
March 24, 2006

Submitted To:
Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Janjua

Submitted By:
Adeel Zahid

Letter of Transmittal

Mr. M. Ashraf Janjua
Institute of Business Management (IoBM),

Dear Mr. Janjua,

Please accept the Term Report entitled ‘Report on Good Governance’.

The purpose of writing this report has been to ascertain the various actors and principles and model of good governance together with the implementation of this theory in Pakistan.

I would like to acknowledge your guidance and support throughout the term and would also like to express gratitude for giving me the opportunity to learn which I feel would be greatly helpful in my future endeavors.


Adeel Zahid

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

The Term ‘Governance’ 3

Good Governance 3

Why Good Governance Matters 4

Types of Governance 5

Actors in Governance 5

Characteristics of Good Governance 8

Good Governance Model (Public Governance) 10

Measuring Governance 11

Issues in Measuring Governance 12

IMF’s Concern for Good Governance 13

IMF surveillance, lending and technical assistance 13

IMF programs and Initiatives to Promote Good Governance 14

Governance in Pakistan 15

The Effects of Poor Governance in Pakistan 15

Conclusion 18

References 18

Appendices 19

Annex-1 Lack of governance helping Taliban 19

Annex-2 Civil governance 21

Annex-3 A continued exercise in futility 22

Annex-4 WB wants accountability mechanism improved 24

Annex-4 Changes in monetary policy suggested: Deficits unsustainable 25


The Term ‘Governance’

Governance is the act of affecting government and monitoring (through policy) the long-term strategy and direction of an organization. In general, governance comprises the traditions, institutions and processes that determine how power is exercised, how citizens are given a...

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