Good Hygiene

Good Hygiene

The Importance of Good Hygiene

Hygiene is one of the most important aspects a person in today's society. The reasons why this statement is true range in the hundreds. Be it to prevent illness, be socially accepted, or just to enjoy a nice clean feeling. Without proper hygiene, one becomes a risk to everyone around them as they can spread around multiple illnesses as mentioned before. Also as mentioned, one who does not have good hygiene usually don't to to well with others, as these habits are off putting. I, PFC Ian Grant Stewart, was informed that I was wearing dirty sweatpants during gym PT. Though I knew that my pant were unclean, I did not take the proper steps to remedy this issue. This was the wrong awnser, as I know that in hindsight, this problem could have been avoided.

1. Prevention of Illness
To open with, one of the major reasons to maintain a proper sense of hygiene is the prevention of sickness. Bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other forms of microscopic organisms can breed when one does not maintain a good sense of hygiene. This is a danger to not only the individual, but to those around them, as said individuals can pass on said organisms on to his teammates. This can create a rift within the team, due to the fact that with this spreading can cause disputes and lower the capabilities of the unit. One other issue that is presented is the fact that if these viruses are untreated, the individual can lead experiance severe consquences. Though this is situation is a bit of a stretch, the fact still remains that the issue is still ever present. These situations can be ultimately avoided with proper cleaning of oneself and ones possessions. Buy washing oneself, they eliminate the possibility of growing the previously stated illness'. Buy cleaning ones possession, they eliminate the possability of picking up organisms secondhandedly.

2. Social Acceptence
Furthermore, one of the key factors in thriving within a social environment is personal...

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