Good Results at School Will Bring Success in the Future?

Good Results at School Will Bring Success in the Future?

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Good results at school will bring success in the future. What do you have to say to this?

Success? How to achieve success? Many people from all walks of life sure make a conclusion that the only way to achieve success in the future not other than achieves good results at school .Is that true? No one could possibly give an exact answer. However, in my opinion, I do not agree that good results at school will bring success in the future.

In this society, many parents always told their children that they must study harder in order to pass their examination with flying colours so that they will have the key to success, have a better life. Can u guarantee? No! No one will ever know even what is waiting for you ahead, although it is just a few minutes or even a second.

Statistic shown that nowadays, more and more people especially students are suffering from mental health problems. The main factor causing more people to develop mental disorders is the increasing of the stress level. As a result, the numbers of people committing suicide increases from time to time. Some may also credit their heart to rule their mind and end up by committing crime that will lead to many to tragedy just to release their pressure that they have been suffering all this years.

Besides that, there are also many graduates who had been achieving good results during their entire school life. But have they succeeded in their life? Some may and some might not. This is due to the exam orientations that merely test a student’s ability to memorise and regurgitate facts and often neglected higher order thinking skills. So, what is the use of achieving an A in those subjects that does not reflect the true ability of a student? Can a student who achieves straight A’s compete with others and overcome obstacles in the real world? If cannot, how can they achieve success although they achieve straight A’s?

On the whole, good results may not lead to success and may cause...

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