Good Teacher

Good Teacher

What are some important qualities of a good school teacher? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.

Teaching is a very noble profession. God sent His messengers on earth to teach peace, humanity & care to mankind. Hence we can say that teaching and learning is very important to frame an individual life.

In my opinion, school teachers perform a major part for every student in each of their lives. For child development, the role of parents and teachers are very vital. They can help children to turn into a better human being. Many psychologists believe that the initial six or seven years of a child is very crucial and important for his/her development. It is very important for parents as well as for teachers to give proper attention to their children. Teaching is very responsible job and according to my opinion the good teacher should have following traits:
▪ He/she should be kind and affectionate
▪ He/she should be a good listener
▪ Should understand the psychology of students
▪ Should take proper care and pay attention to every student
▪ Should give good advice to students
▪ Use different teaching strategies to make his class more lively and interactive
▪ Should encourage student’s to participate in extra curricular activities
▪ Should be gentle and should avoid severe punishment.

In our society we find different types of teachers, every teacher has their own traits, some teachers posses good knowledge but they lacked to impart proper education to students, some teachers are famous among student because of their attitude towards students. Some teachers do not take proper care of their students and not fulfilling the qualities which are mentioned above, as a result, sometimes students leading their lives in dangerous path.

I experienced dealing with teachers who had positive and negative qualities in my school life. In my initial years of schooling I found very good teachers, teacher who take...

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