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The discussion as to whether or not technology has made the world a better place to live is a controversial one. In my opinion, I strongly support that technology has made world a better place to live for the below reasons.

First of all, the achievement of modern technology has greatly facilitated people¡¯s lives. Take plane as an example. My hometown is Qingdao. About 15 years ago I had to waste around 20 hours from Qingdao to Beijing by train. Now, it just takes me one hour by flight. Besides, Internet is another typical example. Nowadays, many parents can talk and even see their child on computer who is in another place through Internet, which bring them great comfort. It is no doubt that Internet, the achievement of technology, is a much more efficient way to contact people than airmails.

Secondly, technology has developed much new knowledge that helped human beings to know and protect themselves better. For example, phthisic was an incurable disease in China around 500 years ago, whereas nowadays it is no longer such a frightening disease, which entirely owes to the improvement of science and technology.

However, some other people argue that technology has brought much trouble to them and made the world a worse place to live. They claim that all kinds of vehicles have polluted the environment, or there is a lot of information on Internet that is bad for juveniles. It is true, but up to now, no countries that hope to become powerful have prohibited the application of vehicles and Internet nevertheless. They constitute laws or regulations to decrease the negative effect instead. This means most people have acknowledged that the advanced technology plays a very important role in their lives and has helped them to lead a better life.

Admittedly, technology has made the world a better place to live in the past. As long as we can make use of it seemly, technology will bring us more convenience and enjoyment in the future.