goodwill downing

goodwill downing

Good Will Hunting 1

        Good Will Hunting: Giftedness, PTSD, and Inferiority Complex

Michelle Gailes

Tanya Price, MA
1209 PSYC 100 C806
30 September 2012

Good Will Hunting 2
Good Will Hunting: Giftedness, PTSD, and Inferiority Complex
Good Will Hunting is based in South Boston, where a 20 year old name Will works as a janitor at MIT despite his level of genius level intelligence. He spends most of his free time with his group of friends (Chuckie, Billy, and Morgan), whom all have no career goals and spend their time joking and drinking excessively. A professor at MIT, Gerald Lambeau posts a difficult mathematical problem for his student to solve and Will anonymously solves it. Will soon faces incarceration after an assault charge but Professor Lambeau saves him by arranging Will to work under his supervision as well as seek professional therapy.
Will becomes uncooperative during his sessions, so Professor Lambeau decides to call on an old colleague (Sean Maguire) who teaches psychology at a community college whom is also from South Boston. Meanwhile, Will meets Skylar who is approaching graduation at Harvard University with plans to pursue her graduate degree from Stanford University School of Medicine in California.
Sean eventually gets through to Will, as he begins to open up. After Sean shares the information about his wife’s death from cancer, Will is encouraged to pursue a relationship with Skylar but when she asks Will to move with her to California, he pushes her away and leave. After starting an altercation with Professor Lambert, Sean tells Will that he intentionally sabotages all relationship in order to avoid emotional pain. Afterwards, Will have a conversation with Chuckie stating that he wants to be a laborer for the rest of his life and Chuckie response was that it was an insult to him to waste his future. Will then decides to accept one of the jobs that Lambeau arranged for him....

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