Google and Yahoo

Google and Yahoo

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Jedsada Chartree Firefox for Mac OS X

Search Engine Comparison: Google and Yahoo
1. Introduction There is no doubt that the amount of information on the Internet has increased. Many people have tried to utilize this enormous information; however, many irrelevant search results have been retrieved, which becomes a hot issue today, especially in the area of Information Retrieval (IR). Gralla (2009) points out that the way to find and retrieve information on the Internet is using search tools or search engines. These programs allow users to input keywords or queries into the interface, then the search engine systems immediately search the information related to the queries by using tools called spider or crawler. So many search engines available on the Internet, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, MSN Search, Exalead, and Icerocket. These search engines provide different features and efficiencies. Because of their speed and ease of use, Google and Yahoo are the first top two search engines that most people use to search information (Search Engines: Reviews, 2010). Google and Yahoo were visited and tested in order to compare there search capabilities by using a query "swine flu" + unt. The similarities and differences between them are following.

2. Compare Several similarities of Google and Yahoo search engines are found after visiting both websites and testing with a query. First of all, both search engines give great advantages for users; they provide optional tips or techniques to help users search efficiently. Some similar tips are found; the first technique is using specific and unique words to describe what we are looking for. If the keywords are more general or ambiguous words, the large number of irrelevant feedback documents will be

retrieved. Another technique is using quotation marks around keywords so that the searchers can find the exact words and narrow the number of search results. There are several techniques to narrow the search...

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