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If you think of Google as a company that just does web search and advertising, think again. Your future prospects in business could depend on it. That was Google version 1.0.
Google version 2.0 is a new type of company, according to search industry expert Stephen Arnold in his new study, Google Version 2.0: The Calculating Predator. Google 2.0 combines hardware and software engineering in a “network-centric application platform.” Since the company’s inception, Google has discovered that its solutions to search problems were applicable to other “interesting problems.” The result is a construct that supports the advertising business model,
a wide range of applications for individuals and organizations, and incursions into markets far removed from search, including telecommunications, retail, publishing, and more.

Arnold says the term “calculating predator” was carefully chosen to illustrate Google’s solid mathematical underpinnings (its founders are mathematicians) and its insatiable predatory instincts (the company watches and waits for business opportunities). He uses the term “Googzilla” to describe the current incarnation of Google. The idea is that Googzilla is big, powerful, and indifferent to the insects and ants crushed by its massive paws. Arnold says, “Companies choosing to underestimate, ignore, or assume that Google is a one-trick pony are likely to find themselves surprised by Google’s ‘calculative’ and predatory actions.”

Arnold is a sought-after consultant, popular lecturer, and established author on technology. With his team of seven research analysts, he has spent the last 4 years tracking and monitoring Google’s technical innovations. Most impressively, he has done this by using a combination of people, search, text-mining technologies, and close reading and analysis of hundreds of patent applications filed by Google employees. Arnold calls Google Version 2.0 an open source intell book, anchored in applications. I interviewed Arnold in...

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