Goup Project About Survey

Goup Project About Survey

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Group Name: HYC
Member Name: Hai Pham
Ying Zhou
Ilogbaka Chinwendu
2:30pm – 4:10pm
Summer 2010
Spring Branch Campus
August 5, 2010

Group Project: Tired

I. Executive Summary
II. Problem Statement
We are living in the country where students have to work while they went to school. Sometime the pressure from study and reasonable of time make them stress and feel tired all the time. So we will do a research on people around to know what they do when they feel tired.
We don’t have any problem which asking someone in class because they very open and they knew what we doing. But most the students in campus have a little confuse when they saw us come to ask the question. Most of them don’t want to share their personal information. I had interview one Chinese girl at another campus of HCC. She was divorced with her husband and move out one year ago. First, she was unendurable to talk about it until I explained the reason to do a research paper. People rather defend themselves when they talk to strange person. In the first time, I normally asked them” Can you help me on my group project paper? “. But it look very strange to talk and they all give me some reason to elude. However, my friend shows me the treat to done my homework easier, all I have to do is ask them for a little time. When they agree to talk that means they already paid attention and it easy to explain anything clearly to them.
III. Hypothesis
Sleepless and working in a high intensity is the most reason to make people feel tired. For people who been asked what they will do when they feel tired or what they do to relieves tired mostly have the same answers, they want to take a little snap about thirty minutes, or some should sleep over night and wake up in the morning to start new day. It is 23% of people would to lay on the sofa to watch TV or watching a comedy movie with some friends to relieves their stress. That way should not agree by some people...

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