goverment curent event

goverment curent event

POLICY PAPER: This course will include a five page policy analysis paper involving the investigation, proposal, support and presentation of a social policy problem. The project will count as 20% of your semester grade. The paper should follow below (also described in the Homework Instructions document which is available online and given to you with this syllabus).

All policy papers should be double spaced, using appropriate grammar, punctuation, and document formatting and should demonstrate a well-organized plan for conducting the research throughout the semester. Required components should include the following:

(1) Problem/Topic – What will your project be about? This should be in the form of a research question.

(2) Investigation – This is a brief background as to why you feel this problem/question is important to investigate and an overview of the background research you conducted (including a review of relevant literature and research).

(3) Conclusion/recommendations – Based on your research, what are your recommendations (ie. laws, regulations and/or specific policy changes)? Remember to link your recommendations to your investigation by referring to specific research and/or literature.

(4) Bibliography/Works Cited – List at least five specific pieces of literature used in your investigation. You should list these using MLA or APA format (the library has specific examples of how to do this) and use internal citations (ie. specifically link any information to its source within the document).

IV. Instructor’s Policies

While it is understood that we live in a “wired” world, proper electronics etiquette is expected. Please silence all cell phones and refrain from texting or cell phone use while in the classroom. If you need to take a call or text, please do so outside of the classroom. I will understand if you need to step out and I will make time available for breaks each day. If you wish to use...

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