Government's Stand on Euthanasia

Government's Stand on Euthanasia

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Oral presentation

Euthanasia is the act of peacefully ending someone life, who is terminally ill. My stance on the topic is that, the government should hurry up and make euthanasia legal. Why should people suffer while the government has power to make euthanasia legal?

The opinion of many people influence the government in making there decision on euthanasia, but is it that hard for the government to take a side. At first I didn’t know what euthanasia was, but after reading an article written by a journalist, whose father had to suffer before dying. It then struck me that this could happen to anybody, even me. So why hasn’t the government made it legal yet? Is it because they are heartless and like to see people suffer?

Michelle Coleman father, Alan Coleman, was diagnoses with cancer. He had four cancer tumors eating him away when he would wakes up. He had preciously told them that if he was to die through starvation or other means to quote “flick the switch”. It was quote “the ultimate kick in the teeth” for the family of Alan Coleman when the hospital told them that they could not euthanize him because by law it was illegal.

Why hasn’t the Rudd government, in it 10-11 months of power, done something to change the law ? The government should at least allow Darwin the right to have euthanasia legal. If the law is changed and euthanasia is allowed, you might ask who is going to perform this. The way I see it is that a doctor should give the patient a pill or a drug that put them to sleep and while sleeping they die. It would be a peaceful ending to someone’s life.

It is true that euthanasia could be used to breed a ‘Master Race’, but who in there right mind would want to kill people. In my opinion the ‘Master Race’ idea is just a way to scare people, in the community, to vote against euthanasia.

If someones pet is sick or injured and is never going to get better, why is it vet allowed to euthanize it? Why aren’t the doctors allowed to euthanize a...

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