Gowork Analysis

Gowork Analysis

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Questions for analysis Start-up.com Shirley Jagle
1.Write in your own words the Vision and Mission of Govworks
GovWorks is a internet platform that would help people in their everyday life to deal with the administrative paperwork. Because everybody should have the right to pay their parking bills, apply for a fish license or renew their driver license whenever they want.
The vision is to make to government administrative system more efficient and easier for users.

2.Mention the main stakeholders of the company and describe them briefly
There are the 2 co- creators : Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and Tom Herman
The investors such as Highland.

3.What are the main factors affecting company’s environment?
The company evolves in a turmoil environment. It is a service on the IT market, which make any idea and concept even more quickly obsolete. Every thing is going very fast on such market because the information and technologies are spreading rapidly.
Technology spread is therefore an essential factor for the company.
Also as the company detained shares and is financed partly through the stock market , the economy state and stock market level will highly determined the future profits of the company.
Finally, shortly after the creation of the company, competitors appeared and they are important players in the external environment.

4.Describe the key resources and competencies used by the company to develop their service.

The key resources and competencies that the company have and that are unique are not numerous but detrimental.
First above all, the CEO Kaleil is one of the biggest assets for the company. He comes from the very well known consulting firm Goldman Sachs and detained management and business knowledge necessary to such project.
The other key resource is the corporate culture that was build within the company. It was built through the seminary week end the whole team spent in the country side at Tom’s house and through their moto to...

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