Gps Units

Gps Units

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GPS Helps Prosecute Criminals

The article “GPS Helps Prosecute Criminals” is mainly about how in today’s technology we are finding out that the GPS systems that are in our vehicles and cellular phones are able to help the police track possible suspects that are being convicted of crimes. It says that the GPS navigation device help to establish a defendant’s whereabouts and a computer forensics scientist says that this is just another piece of technology that turns out to have information of forensic value. The article says that a GPS unit receives signals from satellites to determine its position on the ground. Then, that data can be used by mapping software to display the device’s location to within a few yards. Law enforcement sometimes uses secretly planted GPS devices to monitor suspects. The controversy with this issue is that the practice is often done without a warrant or court order. They have been criticized by privacy advocated who argue that it is unconstitutional. The leading maker of commercial GPS units in the U.S is was asked about five years ago to work with law enforcement in cases involving GPS data being used in the case. The maker says that typically the GPS data being used is for the purpose of contradicting the defendants. He also said that GPS data is usually just one part of the criminal case because attorneys also have to prove the defendant had possession of the unit and entered the information into it. But, some people don’t believe this is right. A defense attorney wrote that GPS data is protected under the Forth Amendment. They also said that police should only be allowed to get the information by showing a warrant signed by a judge.

After reading this article I believe that it is definitely an excellent thing that we have all of this technology in today’s society. Even though many people believe that it is unconstitutional to use these GPS units to help track a criminal’s whereabouts I think it is a...

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