Gracey's Boot Camp

Gracey's Boot Camp

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Kindergarten As Academic Boot Camp

By Harry Gracey

1.The purpose of Gracey’s investigation. Gracey’s used the Boot Camp and

kindergarten to show us how they are similar. Both camps begin with a

group of individuals from different backgrounds that are molded into a

complaince groups, that on command will follow certain routines. The

purpose of kindergarten is to prepare students for the demands of school and

the authority of teachers and administrators, but also for the demands of

work and the authority of the employers,if they are to survive and succeed in

society they must learn these valuable lessons. This study allows us to look

at kindergarten and determine how they develop, and understand how they

interact with each other.

2. The type of research is observations interviews with teachers. The

research design for kindergarten and the data gathering methods is the

Quasia experimental design it is when you create two groups that are

equivalent to each other they have similar backgrounds, we observe

differences in the outcome between the two groups. The research design is

the non- equivalent group design this means that the assignment to the group

was not random. The data gathering methods was surveys and questions,

interviews, focus groups, site visit and using community measures.

3.The role of the student is to come to accept school imposed routines and

what exactly it involves in term of behavior and attitude. The main element

of the student role is the learning of classroom routines which teachers have

4.Yes. The role of the student is the same for all.The hidden curriculum for

all is how they will fit into a social system following rules, respecting

authority obey and achieve success within the boundaries of the system.

We learn all learn to partake in a bureaucratic...

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