Graduate Degree

Graduate Degree

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Pursuing A Graduate Degree in Business Administration
Cheryl L. Jones
University of Phoenix
December 22, 2008

Pursuing A Graduate Degree in Business Administration
The main topic of this paper is to inform you the about the 3 reasons for pursuing a graduate degree in Business Administration. The reasons are as follows: promotion; management positions; and accomplishing personal goals.
Being a member of the United States Public Health Service Corps (Department of Homeland Security) pursuing a graduate degree will increase your changes of moving to the next level when it comes to promotions. In order to be competitive in the military service requires having a graduate degree. It will place you ahead of you peers; especially the ones that do not have a graduate degree. The next two promotion grades that you will have an opportunity in being selected are Commander (CDR-05) and Captain (CAPT-06). You will obtain an increase in base pay by $975.00 promotion to Commander and by $1,198.00 promotion to Captain. See Example 1 (Figure) US Navy Rank Insignia picture of what the insignias look like for Commander and Captain.
Example 1 (Figure)
|Pay Grade: O5 |Pay Grade: O6 |
|[pic] |[pic] |
|Commander |Captain |
|(CDR) |(CAPT) |

Figure 1. Navy Ranks. Note. From, 2008.
In addition to the above being promoted to the next rank will also entitle me to an increase in basic housing allowance and basic subsistence allowance.
Management Positions...

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