Gran Torino

Gran Torino

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Gran Torino a film directed by Clint Eastwood in 2008 is about a grouchy, old, widowed man who is irritated by the morals of society in the modern world, especially his materialistic, cold-hearted family. Then as a new Hmong family move into his neighborhood transforming it and developing Walt due to their old traditional, loving values.

2. Gran Torino reveals that the Journey concept, allows one to grow through their inner self due to the affect of people and his surroundings. Walt was a very guarded man and at first when the racial mix came into his neighborhood he was very overwhelmed. However, sometimes-in life you don’t have to be the one who is searching for the journey, it can come looking for you. As in the movie Thao through the force of the his cousin's gang to steal the “Gran Torino” the vintage car 1972, this incident starts the beginning of Walt and the Hmong friendship. Although, Walt has this invisible wall built around him, not letting outsiders being able to see through him easily, he enabled the family to knock the wall down, primarily from their consistency. Also due to his lost relationship with his blood family his internal desire and subconscious began to perceive the neighbors as his real family. His perspective and view of the Asian culture alternated dramatically instead of seeing them as “Barbarians,” but as people he loved. For him to go on this inner journey of changing his attitude, he had to go through a physical journey to death. The journey of Walt internally helps the audience to understand that, just one family can change your values and entire view of the world.

3. Journey is represented through out movie by using techniques such as; symbolism, dialogue, camera shots and juxtaposition. The symbolism of Walts most prized possession the Gran Torino, represents the old stereotypical American way reflecting Walt’s character being stuck in the old fashioned American way of the view of society. However, when he gives the Car to...

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