Grand Canyon Anthropology

Grand Canyon Anthropology

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In my mind, 'Christian values' is just another way to imply the Golden Rule. From my short experience with GCU, so far I would have to say that it is a pleasure to attend a school that has a focus on respect for all people. We all come from different backgrounds and beliefs and I for one don't want to be converted to a belief that is not my own. I am who I am, and I feel comfortable being in the respectful environment GCU has created.

The foundation and values of GCU attracts the type of people that would naturally be inclusive of others of all beliefs. Too much today, I seem to see how religious beliefs, Christian/non-Christian, are more and more a divisive factor when the fundamentals of Christ's teachings are tolerance and acceptance. By promoting a community like it has, I think GCU brings the right type of people together which strengthens and brings others together regardless of their belief system. This helps us all to ignore our differences and promotes a learning environment that I don't think other universities would naturally have.

I can see myself fitting into the mosaic of GCU religious and ethic culture. All people are treated with dignity and respect regardless of their faith or non-faith status. The belief that we must invest in others is evidenced by all members of GCU. The time and effort each staff member has taken to get students to the path of a new journey has lead students to a rewarding career.

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