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The boss in my family? No doubt, it's my grandfather.

Grandpa has diabetes, thus our whole family do not eat sweet stuff. Even the dishes do not have any trace of sugar. The whole family has to accommodate him.

Grandpa had stroke and the left of his body is paralysed. Thus, grandpa is unable to move around in anywhere. When we go out to the restaurant to eat, we would order some grandpa's favourites and 派人先送回家.only when grandpa is satisfied with his food. The rest of the family can order our choices of food in the restaurant.

Once grandpa says "keep quiet”, all of us have to shut our mouth.
Grandpa has the authority to order anyone in the house.

When my aunts and my mum were still pursuing studies, grandfather did almost all the housework, from waking up early to cook for them, wash their clothes for them, to waiting them coming back home late at night. All that he did moved them.

Grandpa was in the army when he was young and became the judge when he 退出部队。Thus, grandpa is a serious but dignified person.
烧七, we gave the best to our boss of the family.

In a few days in 2008 is the Ching Ming Festival, people have to hold a memorial ceremony in the late loved ones! "Ching Ming Festival have rain, pedestrians on the road Duanhun For" every year at this time, I will think of my Grandpa, one of the most plain, simple and honest, kind-hearted people, that year, on my birthday, Grandpa left me, I really do The good miss him, and now he's left us forever, forever remain in my memory.

     I vaguely remember that when Grandpa and Grandma and grandmother We are a village, the grandmother as a child because I am a daughter at home so I do not want to coax, mother and grandmother as they quarrel many times, my grandmother was from the home she holds back , Said to have also alerted the group's cadres.

     Since then, I am grandmother, to coax Grandpa large, is almost in the back of Grandpa grew up, her mother as a child because of poor health when I...

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