Are grandparents the most important people in society? According to me, grandparents have more knowledge and experience than us. They would know what would benefit our society. Moreover, they help to reinforce and implant good moral and family values in the young. However, it can be argued that they cannot contribute to the society due to their physical inability. And if they become too old, they need someone else to look after them.

Firstly, and most importantly, grandparents have more experience than us. So, we can take advices from them to improve our society. From their years of experience and knowledge, they would know what would benefit our society. For example, they could advise us to distinguish between good and evil from this technological era. Furthermore, some families find it impossible to afford formal childcare and some find it difficult to find places for babies and toddlers. Grandparents giving childcare services save society the cost of providing more formal childcare places.

Second, they help to reinforce and implant good moral and family values in us. They are the roots of the family tree who make sure that the fruits (the young) are sweet, worthy and lovable. When the parents are busy, it is the grandparents who take care of the children and spend time with them. Kids often reveal secrets and problems about their life to their grandparents, and the latter offers them valuable advices on how to deal with the situation. In this manner, grandparents ensure that the kids do not cross the boundaries by their actions.

However, it is cited by many people that grandparents are important people in the society but not the most important. They aren’t fit enough to contribute to the society physically. They are only fit enough to give advices sometimes. So the young people have to do the physical work, often grudgingly. Moreover, if the grandparents are too old, they need someone to take care of them. They start to act like children inevitably...

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