Granite Process

Granite Process

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GRANITE - general process
Granite is igneous rock of visible crystalline formation and texture. It is composed of feldspar (usually potash feldspar and oligoclase) and quartz, with a small amount of mica (biotite or muscovite) and minor accessory minerals, such as zircon, apatite, magnetite, ilmenite, and sphene. Granite is usually whitish or gray with a speckled appearance caused by the darker crystals. Granite is mainly preferred for its use in the exterior applications in cluding funeral trade2. Variety of
colours in Granite is traded in theworld market with different price tags. High price is fetched for the rare colours including Jet-Black,Pearl Blue and Deep Green. These colours are found in South Africa, Brazil, Norway, India and Pakistan.

The specific gravity of Granite ranges from 2.63 to 3.30. Granite has greater strength than sandstone,
limestone or Marble and is correspondingly more difficult to quarry. It is an important building stone,
and its maximum usage is in the external flooring and facing followed by internal flooring.

Granite Process and Machienry used

Squring of Large Stone(Squring Machine)
Side cutting(Gangsaw/horizontaland vertical cutlers )
Sizing and cutting into slabs and tiles (single cutler 16' to 36')
profiling, edgecutting, chamfering and calibrating (Auto line)
Polishing (Manual / auto polisher)

Quarrying and Granite Processing

Quarrying natural stone and installing it in someone’s home is an incredibly long and arduous process. Removing a 40,000-pound block of stone from the earth and turning it into a handcrafted countertop or gleaming marble floor is not easy. There are many steps and intricate details which cannot be overlooked in order for a piece of stone to find the perfect setting where it will look beautiful for years to come.

The first step to finding the perfect slab is finding an optimal deposit of material with desirable color, pattern, and composition. This requires geologists to look...

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