Grant Proposal

Grant Proposal


According to Gerin (2006), a grant proposal is a formal request for funding by a recipient to the donor organization or agency. The proposal is essential in securing the much needed funds by a recipient. Grant proposals can be submitted in a myriad of different ways. The normal fashion though is to provide the grant proposal cover letter or application letter, an analysis of needs, a statement of purpose, and description of the project (National Science Foundations, 2000). Let us commence by examining each section succinctly.

Analysis of Needs

My foundation is seeking a grant to enable us increase awareness on the HIV /AIDS pandemic in the Great Rift regions of Southern Sudan. The HIV/ AIDS prevalence rate is shocking with ten deaths reported in the local hospitals each week. The community there mainly comprises of the Nubians. HIV/ AIDS is assumed to be accurse in the community making it even worse as it ravages throughout the ignorant community, an extinct tribe in the region.

The region is also disadvantaged due to its lack of proper infrastructure such as schools where the local community can actually get formal education on HIV/ AIDS. Most of the men in the society are long distance drivers who spend many nights away from their homes, perhaps in the comfort of their mistresses while away on duty. This again poses a great risk to them and their families. Many have been orphaned by the pandemic. Indeed, desolation is rife.

The most striking feature about the community is that they do not believe in using condoms as a means to protecting themselves from the oblivious danger of contracting HIV /AIDS. Perhaps, this is fuelled by their notion that death is God sent and that HIV/ AIDS itself is a curse.

Statement of Purpose

Statistics from the Government of Sudan’s Ministry of Health show a rising trend in the HIV pandemic. There is therefore a growing need to tackle this problem from its grassroots and...

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