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Graphics Programming (Graphics and Visual Computing) Assignment list: July-Dec 2013

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Turbo C++ NOT ALLOWED. Program preferably using OpenGL Codes should be well commented with header lines. Version and the Date of last modification should be mensioned. Group No, Roll No, Names, should be part of the header info. Problem statement should also be part of the header Comment the variable when defined the top of the code Most of the code should be as functions. “main();” should just call the functions (minimum code). Maintain a Lab Notebook where you will write the Main gist of your code and which will be checked. This list of Instruction will increase so regularly checks updates.

Assignment 1: Submission on.
1.1 Draw a point point(x: float, y : float); . [5]

1.2 Draw a Line line(x1: float, y1 : float, x2: float, y2 : float, Np: int); Draw a line using closely placed points. If dx is the spacing between 2 points in x, then dx=|x1-x2|/ Np. Np is the number of points in the line. Now keep changing N and check the time taken to execute your code (Use Large N). Plot Time take with respect to N. [5] 1.3 Draw a square/rectangle Rectangle(x1: float, y1 : float, x2: float, y2 : float);. Here only the coordinate of the diagonal is provided.


1.4 Draw a Polygon with n sides : PoligonN(&X, &Y, n). Where X and Y are arrays. [5] 1.5 Given a data set of xi and yi points. Write a program to display these points and draw the least square (LSq) line for these points. If the equation of the LSq is display the computed

y  mx  b ,



b with its respective errors m  m and b  b

1.6 Search on the net for different types of random numbers (i.e. simple rand, Uniform rand (white noise), Normal rand (Gaussian), Poisson rand …..). Understand these rand functions. Write or download the random number generator and use them (only after you have understood it. You may see the fallowing site:

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