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The biome is a large scale ecosystem.
The Grassland is a sea of grass rippling in the wind like the wave no matter which way you turn, you can see tall grass. In the grassland the rain is moderate and the grass is the dominant plants and the few trees that grow are near streams and rivers.

Grasslands are found on all continents. The grasslands are found in South Africa, North America, Australia and Asia.

Plant Organisms
Grasslands play a major role in the world agriculture. Thousands of farmers grow wheat, corn, rice and other grains, all of which are types of grass. These grasses are used to make animal feed, bread, flour and cereal.

Animal Organisms
A number of small animals, such as rabbits, prairie dogs, gophers, badgers, rats, mice, snakes, and insects. Herds of larger herbivores, such as deer, pronghorn, and bison also live in Grasslands.

The temperatures are moderate. Rainfall is light. Their long, slender leaves allow little water loss. Their roots grow just below the surface of the soil, and they spread out to take in much of the rain that does fall. The few trees that grow in grasslands are usually found along stream.

• Their roots grow just below the surface.
• They can get water from streams
• Their found in every other continent except Antarctica
• Their roots spread to make more grass

Without grasslands sheep would not be able to give us wool. Also, there won’t be any farms to make bread, wheat, corn, etc., and other plants.