Grease and oil liquid temperature and suitable for pressing conditions

Grease and oil liquid temperature and suitable for pressing conditions

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Grease and oil liquid temperature and suitable for pressing conditions:

Any oil crops is made up of thousands of rich in fat cells, cells in normal circumstances not to undermine, by cellulose contained within the cell, the shape of the materials at this time into solid state, and will not have any liquid or the performance of the oil content, but high in fat cells will be active under the condition of raw material and the high temperature anomalies, grease of liquidity will be as high, is very easy to put the liquid inside again after pressing oil molecules in vitro was isolated.This is what we often see the palm oil production process ( and oil flow type and the conditions of temperature and squeeze the relation table of assemblies.

In the process of oil exploitation in our country, the basic raw material for oil extraction is done by oil press equipment, and the working principle of oil press equipment must conform to the grease solid-liquid conversion characteristics, and to the opposite certainly backfire, that is why the cold pressing process until the cause of the comprehensive development, in China's vast land, oil crops reached more than 30 varieties of conventional crops, and planting area of about 35 square kilometers, mainly several kinds of peanut and canola in south China, northeast soybean, jiangnan rapeseed, northwest of til and canopy.These crops in the growth process and environment formed under the influence of different degree of solid and oil components, also in the formation of cells expression is varied, which creates a different oil crops have different oil temperature and pressure ratio.

Palm oil processing plant ( equipment design is largely meet the pressure and temperature of raw material, if the implementation of the design fully then we can say oil mill equipment design is reasonable, use very ideal.But whereas long cannot serve as an effective oil equipment to...

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