Great Citizens Make Good Nations

Great Citizens Make Good Nations

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Good Citizens Make Good Nations

Hiya everyone i would like to present to you an essay i wrote called good nations make good citizens hope you like it

Children should be aware of their responsibilities towards their nation and to the society, if they can assume their actions, then they would certainly become good citizens. For example they could be good citizens by keep their surrounding and their environment clean because they are the ones that are going to use it now and in the future their sons will be able to use it but it wouldn’t be if when the next generation comes and find that the environment is not clean they would instantly think that the generation that was here before them was a unclean generation and keeping the environment clean also has a big effect the country's economy because when the tourists come and see the environment is clean they would like to come again, but what if the environment was not clean do you think that tourists would like to come again.

And littering in the public is a way to ruin the environment so children need to be taught not to litter in public they also need to be taught to be clean so their generation can teach the next and the next can teach the next and it goes on and on.

Preserving the environment is a first lesson that needs to be taught to everyone and I mean everyone even the people with power especially the people with the power, I mean look at what's happening to our planet for instance the global warming is the ting that everyone is scared of because human species could become extinct because of global warming. Global warming is basically when the heat can't go out the atmosphere so it get trapped and the icebergs start melting down and the sea level is rising so the small islands will drown and the water will keep rising because the icebergs will keep melting.

There is another problem that’s where are we going to get energy source when the oil and gas run out. Don’t you think we'll need a new...

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