Great Feast of Fruits and Vegetables--Healthy Crack Passwords

Great Feast of Fruits and Vegetables--Healthy Crack Passwords

´╗┐Fruits and vegetables often contains nutrients people need most, so people can not eat fruits and vegetables oversimplify. Behind it, there are really some health code requires precise decipher.

Bitter Gourd
Most prone to summer Firelight inflammation, resulting in irritability, insomnia, mouth sores, distraught and so on. Bitter into the heart, it can be pure heart and fire, so the summer the most suitable to eat a little bitter gourd with. It can be said, it is the bitter nature has given people the best raw diet, more water can be refreshing bitter heat, so that people appetites.

Green beans can heat and dampness. White beans spleen dehumidification. Spleen, blood, nerves. Snow peas can dampness, spleen. Black beans is able to spleen and kidney. In addition, lotus leaf, called " traditional Chinese medicine."

Most suitable for people who love sweating. Plum is very representative of the summer seasonal fruit. It is a large sale in July and August each year, when full shape, sweet taste, eat fragrant lips and teeth.

Most often for lower limb edema person. During the summer, peaches market in large quantities. Because of its bright color, nutrient-rich, it has been seen by the Chinese people live longer, the symbol of blessing, the election to choose the surface of peach fluff. After eating peaches bought as much as possible within three days.

White Gourd
White gourd is a summer seasonal vegetables. It is sweet and light, slightly cold, favorable water Phlegm, detoxification effect, is pure heart and fire, diarrhea stomach fire ingredients. White gourd is particularly suitable for people taking high cholesterol.

Hypertensive patients most suitable for human consumption. Speaking of summer fruits and vegetables, first appeared in people's minds, and in all likelihood is watermelon. It is sweet and cold, can detoxify. Once stored in the refrigerator for too long, it will be colder and likely to cause...

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