Green Companies

Green Companies


Top 10 Green Companies of the World

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Going green

Top 10 Green Companies of the World

These companies have gone beyond what the law requires to operate in an environmentally responsible way.


Location: Japan

Year founded: 1945

Revenue: $84.2 Billion

Employees: 145,000

The most fuel-efficient auto company in the U.S. While other automakers gripe, Honda attacks the issues of fuel economy and emissions with relish. Working independently, it is focusing on two alternative fuel technologies, the natural gas powered "Civic GX" and the hydrogen fuel cell "FCX." Honda has also taken a crack at solving a problem other automakers have left to the oil companies: creating an infrastructure for hydrogen. Honda's solution is for individual refueling stations that provide heat and electricity for the home as well as hydrogen for a fuel-cell-powered car. Long term, Honda wants to be the world's cleanest, most efficient manufacturer. It has promised to reduce CO2 emissions from its factories as well as its vehicles by 5 percent between 2005 and 2010 - on top of the 5 percent it achieved between 2000 and 2005.

Continental Airlines

Location: Houston

Year founded: 1934

Revenue: $13.1 Billion

Employees: 44,000

AMID RISING concern about aviation pollution, British Airways introduced a "CO2 emission calculator" on its website, letting passengers pay to offset the carbon dioxide generated by their flights. Lufthansa recently equipped an Airbus A340 with a 1.5-ton mobile laboratory to track gases and compounds. But it is American airline Continental that's gone furthest to green operations. Besides spending more than $16 billion over the past ten years to replace its fleet with more efficient aircraft, it installed fuel-saving winglets that reduce emissions by up to 5% on most of...

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