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His feelings haven't changed since leaving there, either.

Williamson, now in Jacksonville, said Wednesday he lost respect for his former coach last year and would like to "duke it out" with him when the Jaguars host the Vikings on Sunday.

After that, I had no more respect for Childress. That's gone out the window, and I don't see that coming back ever. That bridge is burned.

-- Troy Williamson

"We can meet on the 50-yard line and we can go at it," Williamson said.

The 6-foot-1, 200-pound receiver said he liked his chances against Childress, too, especially with a few inches and at least 10 pounds on the coach. Williamson even said he would fight with both hands tied behind his back.

Childress countered by saying, "He must not be aware there's a buffer zone between the opponents."

Childress initially said he wasn't "biting" on Williamson's comments, but when pressed about his height and weight on a conference call, he responded: "Do you need my reach? I'm not like a woman; I'll give you my weight. It's 190 pounds of twisted steel and rompin', stompin' dynamite. Is that enough humor for you?"

Perfect, coach.

Now back to the fight. Williamson didn't say whether he wanted a boxing match, a WWE-style showdown or maybe something edgier, like a mixed martial arts cage match.

Either way, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen knows who he would bet on if there was a River City Rumble.

"Coach Childress is a tough-minded guy," Allen said. "And he has a bad ... mustache."

Williamson was the seventh overall pick in 2005, chosen as the heir apparent to Randy Moss after the Vikings traded Moss to Oakland a month before the draft. But Williamson struggled from the start. He had...