P.48 Ex. 4C;
P.67 Ex. 6D;
P.84 Ex. 7E;
P.103 Ex. 9B.

Exercise 15 B
People believe that he is ill.
---It is believed that he is ill (Type I).
---He is believed to be ill (Type II).
11. Very little is felt to have been done….
12. The president is expected to speak….
13. He is said to have been….
14. The murderer is said to be hiding/to have been hiding….
15. The expedition is known to have reached…
16. The ship is reported to have been sunk.
17. You are expected to leave….
18. N is known to be preparing…
19. All the miners are feared to be….
20. Both sides are understood to have agreed….

Exercise 32 A
11. whether he had changes his mind about what to say I did not know.
12. Is he really a man to be trusted?
13. We consider the girl to be trustworthy.
14. We ask every citizen to watch closely …in this matter.
15. The place for you to stay is the Hilton.
16. David was miserable unless he had neighbors with whom to quarrel.
17. Betty works too slowly to be much use to us.
18. I’ll buy you some magazines for you to read on the journey.
19. We thought it wrong to punish him.
20.In order for a vote to be valid, the deputy ….

Exercise 32 E
1. Anyone not hearing that noise must have been stone-deaf.
2. We were delayed be heavy trucks being loaded onto the ship.
3. Suddenly feeling dizzy, Mrs Wilson sat down quickly.
4. Presents costing less than ten pounds in all may be imported duty-free.
5. Planning to buy a car, Mrs Jay has opened a savings account.
6. Any dutiable articles not declared to the Customs will be liable to confiscation.
7. Having worked hard all day, I was ready for bed by eight o’clock.
8. The man was accompanied by a porter weighing at least 160 kilos.
9. The castle, burnt in the 16th century, was never rebuilt.
10. Putting/Having put down my newspaper, I walked over to the window and looked out.

Exercise 32 H
11. Although/Though a lawyer by training, he became a great soldier.
12. We shall...