Ground Rules. Essay

Ground Rules. Essay

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Ground rules are set of regulations intended to establish a code of conduct amongst a group of people in a particular setting. In our case the group of people are mature students and the setting is .................................

It is important to set up ground rules because people have different views on what is acceptable in a class room. Ground rules establish the standard at which all students are expected to operate. If ground rules are not set it may be difficult to maintain control in the event of a misunderstanding or conflict; also ground rules may prevent any such misunderstandings or conflicts from arising at all. Examples of affective ground rules are:
1. Respect each other and each other’s opinions, whatever the ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, age, or belief of the learner, volunteer or staff member.
2. Do not interrupt fellow students or staff.
These rules help to create a safe and secure environment that will encourage confidence and self-esteem. This is important because it fits into common needs that people have as stated by Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

At ............... I have a class of 9 learners of differing technical ability. The ground rules were already set up when I started teaching this group, as I took over from another teacher. The ground rules are teacher imposed and set in ................ code of conduct (which can be found in the student hand book).

With teacher imposed rules the teacher would decide upon what rules would be needed to ensure the right environment for their students. Once these rules had been decided the teacher would clearly communicate what they expect of their students. I’m not in favor of this method as I feel it can easily come across as dictatorial.

Teacher imposed ground rules may be more suited to environments with young children or students that have a low attention span.

Some advantages of teacher imposed ground are that important rules would not be missed out, also it...

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