Grounded music

Grounded music

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The Country Music Industry
An Essay Written for My English 11 Class
At UNC-Chapel Hill
Crossover Music

The country music format is in itself a cultural phenomenon in that it has thrived throughout the years as other music fads have come and gone. The format was born and remains a geographically distinctive genre which over the years, has grown to appeal to listeners nationwide. Today, country music is said to be “the nation’s most popular music format” (Corliss), with fans all across the United States. Many critics though, question the classification of the wide range of songs that are classified as “country” music. Currently, the new country music industry is promoting a lot of material that is having amazing amounts of success in both the country music charts and pop charts. This “crossover” music has attracted many fans to the country music format who subsequently are not fans of the traditional country music. The influence of today’s country music is shifting from being not only an important part of southern culture, but of an integral part of American popular culture. And because the country music audience has expanded, the industry must respond with what the new audience wants. “Nashville encourages anything that sells records. Right now the song is king…a great song, regardless of its origin, is probably the most important aspect to a label,” says Paul Williams, a popular songwriter (qtd. Schmitzer). Critics complain that the country music genre is becoming too “anything goes,” while traditional country fans are feeling that the industry has...

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