Group Discussion as an Informal Debate

Group Discussion as an Informal Debate

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A Group Discussion is, as the term implies a discussion by a group of people. What is significant is that the discussion
involves a free exchange of thoughts and ideas among members of the group. 'Group Discussion’ is used as a selection
aid to assess the personality of the candidate and determine his or her suitability to the job in hand. A Group Discussion,
as opposed to an interview, takes place amongst a number of candidates of the same age level, similar educational
qualifications, experience and environmental background who are asked to discuss a subject. The number of participants in
a group can vary but the group will seldom be smaller than 8 people or exceed 15 people. In most cases a topic or a situation
will be given, and the group members will have to discuss it for a short span of time, usually between 10 to 20 minutes.

A Group Discussion is quite informal and not conditioned by such procedural rules as in the case of a formal debate. Here the
candidates can say whatever they like and whenever they like on the subject under discussion. A candidate can speak in
favour of the subject, against the subject or even follow a neutral path. Everything depends on the interest and ability of each
member in the group. So the candidates are quite free to discuss the topic without any interference from the examiner. No
one is appointed the leader and no one is the follower.

A Group Discussion is used as a selection criteria for admission to business schools and jobs in professional organisations,
for two major reasons. First, it allows the selector to observe and form an opinion about a large number of candidates in a
relatively short span of time. Secondly, the selection panel has the opportunity to assess certain traits and skills of the
candidates that are not possible to observe in a curriculum vitae, written examination or an interview. Some traits like
leadership, level of...

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