Group Focus Interview

Group Focus Interview

The Advent of Technology in Education

Uly Neves Torres Ribeiro

Carleton University
COMM 2000: A12
Professor Pyman
T.A Alex Ratte
November 19, 2015

The Advent of Technology in Education
The use of technology in education, in and out of the classroom, is already a reality in many of the Canadian Universities and the rest of the world. Despite the ability of the network providing new learning opportunities, not everyone believes that technology impact positively on education. This study aims to raise awareness of the impacts caused by the use of technological devices in the learning process and the yield on the content presented in the classroom. The technology today is present in all levels of society, and education being the main social institution responsible for providing knowledge to citizens, have the duty to include it in the academic life. Therefore, technology is indispensable in the formation of the citizen in a globalized world, and the learning institutions need to adapt to meet the needs of this new reality without affecting the quality of the learning process. This research presents reflections about the impacts caused by the use of technologies as didactic tools in teaching and learning process, identifying the technologies made available by the school and used by professors as a didactic tool in a way that students are influenced by this reality and what it says about the school performance. This reflection was the determining factor for choosing this research subject.
Research Question
What are the effects of technology use in education?
Thesis Statement
Based on the profile of the participant and the questions asked during the interview, the probable outcome of this research will be that technology should be used in class in order to make the learning process more dynamic and less monotonous.
Research Design
The data for this research was gathered through interviewing. The interview took...

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