Group Project - Wave Inc.

Group Project - Wave Inc.

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Wave, Inc.

A group project by Adam Jones, Paul Suggs, Kristin Walsh and Michelle Weir

Adam Jones- South Korea

Paul Suggs- Sweden

Kristin Walsh- Colombia

Michelle Weir- Nigeria

Table of Contents

1 Internal Environment

Company Trends

Industry Trends

1. The Country Analyses

South Korea




2. Conclusions and Decisions

Pros and Cons of Countries

Final Decision

** Bibliographies located at the end of each section

For Wave Inc., the first 20 years of our young existence has brought many rewards, however we feel the need to expand our already growing company to other regions of the world. Out greatest achievement to this day is “crossing the pond” and having great success in Europe. We are currently located in 10 countries in the world ranging from North America to Western Europe. Our employees, which number over 10,000 strong, are willing to commit themselves to yet another reach. After much research, we have come to the conclusion that we will try to expand into one of the following countries: South Korea, Sweden, Colombia and Nigeria. Initial information has shown that these 4 countries could possibly increase our revenues significantly. We feel that we can have higher return on investments in these countries because they are not from the same region. Every country we want to invest in for production is on different edges of the globe. This will allow for a high diversity among cultures and business. The reason why we want to expand is because we found new ways to create the agents in detergents. The main ingredient for detergents is Surfactants. Wave Inc. is striving to gain access to natural sources for these surfactants in the 4 countries we are analyzing. We now know that fats and oils from plants can possibly replace these surfactants. In Southeast Asia, oleochemicals are...

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