Groups and Teams - Elements of Company Growth

Groups and Teams - Elements of Company Growth

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Groups and Teams 1

Groups and Teams Paper

MGT 344

Ryan Smoak

February 9, 2009

University of Phoenix

Stewart Edinger

Groups and Teams 2

There can be multiple situations when team development within an organization becomes necessary. Any time an organization wants to grow, improve, or change certain systems then a team development process becomes necessary. This paper will analyze how to combine together the skills of a group to create a high-performance team. It will also attempt to evaluate how globalization can impact the overall dynamics of a team when relating to business ethics.

In order to establish a high-performance team, you must be selective in choosing your group members. Once the members are selected, goals and strategies must be developed to improve the overall effectiveness of the team. After the strategies and goals are established, the team leader then must take charge to ensure the success of the team. Some crucial observations to be made about the team are as follows:

• A specifically designed model of team effectiveness

• Opportunity for the team to self-evaluate itself and the effectiveness of the unit.

• Identifying problem areas of team behavior.

All teams must have a sense of purpose and a clear mission. In a high performance team, there tends to be a more complex and highly developed application of all the qualities needed. However, a distinctive quality in high performance teams is having members with a natural need and aspiration to target larger challenges. Individuals with these traits will bring an attitude and ethical responsibility that will help to create a stronger commitment. To be successful as a team though, the group must have a strong ability to produce results and a high degree of satisfaction when working with one another (Blanchard, Carew, & Parisi-Carew, 1996).

Groups and Teams 3

An ethical and business consideration of globalization is the trading of...

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