Growth in Lenovo Group

Growth in Lenovo Group

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1.Introduction 2
2.Company Profile 2
2.1Three Growth Stages of Lenovo Group 3
3.Literature Review 4
3.1Value Chain 4
3.2Supply Chain Management 5
3.3Supply Chain Integration (SCI)/Global Supply Chain Forum 7
3.4Global Supply Chain Management 8
4.A case study of Lenovo worldsourcing supply chain 9
Supply Chain Management of Lenovo 10
4.1Value Chain Analysis of Lenovo 10
4.2“Worldsourcing” Strategy Supply Chain Management 13
4.3Supply Chain Integration /Global Supply Chain of Lenovo 15
5.Conclusion 17
6.Bibliography 18


Facing economic uncertainty, volatile energy prices and intensifying global competition, large multinational corporations are seeking strategic and operational advantages more than ever before. Among the key operational components most demonstrably tied to business success is the efficiency of global supply chains: the network of people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in supplying a product or service to a customer.
This paper aims to present a case study that illustrate the way in which the supply chain management process is used to improve the value of the product and service to the customers of Lenovo and how Lenovo gain the competitive advantages from its competitors--followed by the first coursework in which the author discussed the internal and external environment of Lenovo-- and for discussing the supply chain management ,firstly, the author will introduce the value chain of Lenovo ,secondly, the generic supply chain and Lenovo’s global supply chain(supply chain integration) ,and then the supply chain management of Lenovo and the relationship between information system and supply chain management (SCM) as a logistic.
Company Profile

In 1984, in a 20-square-meter rented reception room and with borrowed RMB 300,000 (or $25,000), the Chinese engineer Liu Chuanzhi, along with ten colleagues, started a computer-related business.  The company, “New...

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