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I. Specifics of the speech.

1. Title: Why choose hybrid cars?

2. Specific Purpose: After listening to my speech, the members of the audience will be convinced about the importance of hybrid cars and how they can help us in various ways

3. Thesis: Nowadays hybrid cars have become a good option to replace fuel-based cars, whose maintenance costs have become really high, and it isn’t hard to see the problems that are near if we don’t start changing our oil dependency.

II. Introduction

1. Attention step

1.1Attention Getter: Have you been to a gasoline station lately and have been shocked by the price of the fuel?
Have you felt the need to start riding a bicycle instead of driving your car while you are at it? Are you worried about the damage your car does to the environment? If you feel this way you should know that you are not the only one.

1.2Reasons to listen: In the next ten minutes I will present information that can affect the way we live.

1.3Speakers credibility: After doing an extensive research I found interesting things, for example, The Washington Post says that Hybrid Cars are the best solution not only because of fuel economy, but also for environment care purposes.

1.4Preview Main Points:

A. What is the problem with fuel-based cars?
B. Why are Hybrid Cars the solution?
C. What will happen if we don’t change?

III. Body

1. Need step

Statement of need: The continuous increment in the price of gasoline has become a real problem for every person in the present.
Not to mention the proven damages that we are causing to the environment thanks to the use of fuel-based cars.

1. Illustration: Why is this a problem? Last week the Washington post Published in its web page that this summer the price of gasoline could reach a record of 3.25 dollars per...

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