The Case Study
External factors led to a decrease in international students.

Change in applications for certain areas led to over-staffing.

A university needed to downsize staff, however they ended up losing some valuable staff.

Downsizing caused a fall in productivity & creativity and created a negative attitude from staff and students.
The Questions
1. What are the external factors that are affecting the labour profile needed by the university?

2. Identify possible ways that the HR planning function within the university decision makers.

3. Given the information in this case, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the downsizing of stagg numbers at the university?
The elimination of a large number of employees which is implemented to enhance the organisations effectiveness.
The Statistics
Increase in Applications:
Dentistry: 502%
Nursing: 111%
Medicine: 65%
Natural & Physical Sciences: 38.2%
Engineering: 38%

Decrease in Applications:
IT: 61%
Management & Commerce: 15%
Agriculture: 18%

External Factors
Legal Factors

Political Factors

Economic Factors

Social Factors

Technological Factors

Universities Labour Profile

External Factors Affecting the Labour Profile
HR Planning Function
Possible Options
Advantages of Downsizing
Financial Savings

Improves Efficiency

Loyalty & Teamwork

Communication Channels

Vice Chancellor Gets More Control

Simplified Organisational Structure

Training & Development Opportunities

Disadvantages of Downsizing
Staff Stress

Negative Publicity

Fewer Available Positions

Loss of Workers > Insecure Staff

Potential Staffing Issue: Being Under-Staffed

Decrease in Productivity, Creativity and Job Satisfaction

Decision-Making & Employer-Employee Relationship Affected

Question Time
What is one of the external factors?
Legal Factors, 
Political Factors, 
Economic Factors, 

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