Guidelines for Diabetes Mellitus

Guidelines for Diabetes Mellitus

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Nebraska Medical Center Guidelines for Diabetes Mellitus Versus National Guidelines

Nebraska Medical Center Guidelines for Diabetes Mellitus Versus National Guidelines
Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is defined as a disease in which the body does not make or adequately use insulin. Diabetes can be classified into two types: type one and type two, with type two being the most common form of DM. Numerous complications may arise in patients diagnosed with DM. Hypoglycemia is a primary complication associated with DM. Hypoglycemia is a state of low blood glucose or low blood sugar levels in the body. Hypoglycemia can be easily treated if detected in a timely manner. If hypoglycemia goes undetected it can lead to a cascade of complications ranging from mild to severe and include: pallor, shakiness, headaches, mood swings, seizures and loss of consciousness (Pohren and Straub, p. 1, 2009). Therefore, it is crucial that practice guidelines exist to provide nurses with immediate interventions to be implemented if and when patients experience complications related to DM. Health care facilities are required to have such guidelines in place to direct staff on required prophylactic, disease management and emergency interventions. This paper will compare and contrast the UNMC guidelines for DM management/treatment to the National guidelines recommended for the management/treatment of DM, explain how these guidelines are written and decided upon, list the database and search used to find applicable references to validate these nursing practice guidelines, an explanation of how these guidelines will benefit nurses in their patient cares and finally address issues that arise when implementing nursing practice guidelines that are non-evidence based.
The UNMC and national guidelines differ in numerous ways. Both the National guidelines for DM and the UNMC guidelines emphasize glucose monitoring, patient education...

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