Guiding statement

Guiding statement

Guiding statement: I believe in treating others with the same respect that I deserve myself. I want to build healthy relationships with others in which we can become each others biggest advocates.

1. If you have a disagreement with a supervisor at work

If I had a disagreement with a supervisor at work my guiding statement would help me to be honest with the supervisor as to what I was feeling about the disagreement and as to why I feel it is the right thing for me. I would do all this while maintaining a friendly and positive attitude.

2. If your class paper or project receives a failing grade from your professor

I would have to embrace the outcome of my work because it did not meet the standard. I would be honest with myself to see if I try to do my best on the project or class paper that was given. I would evaluate myself to see what I need to work on whether it’s time management or advice from professor or get tutored.

3. If you are having a disagreement with someone for whom you care deeply (friend, spouse, partner, parent, work associate, etc.)

I would say being honest about how I’m feeling about the situation. I would also respect their feeling about the disagreement. I would be a trustworthy person to the point where whatever disagreement we have they would know that I will always be faithful to them.

4. If you see someone is struggling and is having a hard time “making it”

I would try to help the person with what they struggling with. I would make it for them and tell them that it will help them to get strength to make it on their own in near future.

5. Now that you have had a chance to apply your guiding statement to several simulations, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not effective at all and 10 being very effective), how would you rate its effectiveness to you and to those involved? Why? Discuss.
I’ll give myself 10 because I believe in respect (guiding statement) which is very important in my life. Whether I’m in...

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