Gulf war

Gulf war

The first conflict in the Middle East was a intercrural but one of the war that lead up to the Afghanistan and the second Iraq war in the Middle east. The first war that fueled the conflict was operation Desert Storm Desert Shield.The Desert Storm Desert Shield war started when saddam hussein Invaded the small country of Kuwait and launched scud missiles into israel. Since Israel is an ally of the United States we had to intervene. Not only that it was our responsibility to defend the people of Kuwait and Israel. Against the threats and actions of the Iraqi army. We are the ones who say that we defend freedom so we had to help them in a manner of speaking.

The major way the war thats most everybody thinks saddam attacked kuwait is for the oli, because Kuwait has one of the largest oil reserves in the world and to make it a part of Iraq. The other reason would be that he wanted to start the next holy war (Corporal Tapia Oct 11 13) . By doing that he also started launching missile into israel trying to provoke a reaction from Israel, trying to start the holy war (aka wwIII ). Hussein used the oil as a cover up for what he was actually trying to do.

What actually was going on was that hussein just wanted to take back the holy land and if in the process if he could capture kuwait he would take the chance to(Corporal Tapia Oct 11 13). At the time Iraqi actually had one of the most powerful armies in the world next to the united states and russia. Hussein would do whatever it took to try to take that land back. So as hussein started that the united states urged Israel not to react, and let us handle it so israel listened and didn't react to the actions of hussein and the united states handle it.

If the United States got involved this would have been the first major war the united states have been in since vietnam. So the reaction of the people was astonishing it was the whole country took moment of silence. The government didn't...

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