Gummo Essay

Gummo Essay

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Bunny Boy and Harmony Korine

The title of the movie gives the viewer an idea of what the film will be about: redneck inbreds. Harmony Korine wrote and directed Gummo: he made the movie to please himself and then the audience. He claims to be a realist writer/filmmaker when he states “realism, even if fictional, should be the dominant mode in filmmaking” after the screening of Gummo. The directorial style of Korine throughout the movie intended to make the film feel uncomfortable by forcing the viewer to confront the ugliness of the world created and represented in his film. The film is similar to a documentary. Daily events of the people of Xenia are shown and Korine is able to address the themes of poverty, violence, prostitution, homosexuality, drug addiction, and mental disorders brief interview style segments. The film is made to be as realistic as possible, that’s why amateur actors that have little or no acting experience are involved. There is no linear plot in the movie, meaning that the film doesn’t go in one direction, and there are fragments of events that don’t relate very much to each other. The most peculiar character of the movie, Bunny Boy, represents Korine as a young director in the film industry and the rejection that came with being a young director.

The opening scene of Gummo begins with the peculiar character of Bunny Boy; he is on a filthy bridge that is fenced in over a freeway. The bunny ears make Bunny Boy unique because he is the only person in the movie wearing them and is very different from the other characters of the movie. The bunny ears also represents Korine’s awkwardness and he accepts this the same way Bunny Boy accepts his role in society, to be the outcast. This scene represents how Bunny Boy is shunned from the world and how lonely he is and perhaps it represents Korine because it shows his helplessness as director because of his age and inexperience. The cars beneath Bunny Boy are moving while he stays in the same...

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