Gun Control: Does It Work?

Gun Control: Does It Work?

Gun Control 1

Gun Control: Does It Work?

Paula Hospelhorn

Mr. Mark Coppelli


August 18, 2005

Gun Control 2

My research problem consisted of finding out what effect there was on violent crime in society when gun control is implemented. I looked at the gun control policies of this country along with the policies of other countries comparing what worked and what did not.
My hypothesis stated there would be aspects that are efficient and inefficient in controlling violent crime and could the inefficient aspects be minimized? I did not intend to show the answer to controlling violent crime would be legislating gun control but finding what was efficient and inefficient. Then to find out if the inefficient aspects could be minimized in any way. The terms gun control and violent crime will make reference to personal hand guns not rifles, or semi-automatic weapons.
I am taking for granted with respect to the problem there will be both efficiencies and inefficiencies controlling violent crime with respect to gun control. The reason I thought this problem was important to study was it may show us ways that we can minimize violent crime by incorporating the most efficient components of gun control.
The type of design I plan used for my research project is the Qualitative Content Analysis design. I’m wanted to find out what aspects of gun control worked or did not work, and for those that did not work if there was any way to minimize them. I chose this type of design because it was a detailed and systematic examination of the contents of a particular body of material for the purpose of identifying patterns, themes or biases.
The method of research I used was to identify the specific body of material to be studied, define the characteristics to be examined in precise terms, break down each complex or lengthy item to be analyzed into smaller segments that can be analyzed separately and look for instances of each...

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