Gun Control - the Right to Own for Protection

Gun Control - the Right to Own for Protection

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Gun Control 1

Gun Control
Lisa Thompson
June 14, 2010
Shelly Godwin

Gun Control 2
Even though people use guns to kill people, it should still be our right to own a gun and protect ourselves. American history supports the fact that there is no true freedom without the use of firearms. During the war of independence if the citizens of this country did not posses any guns, then everybody would now be subjects of the crown and not free American citizens. Most of the “man” fighting for this country at the time were poor farm boys with no military skills or experience and were outnumbered by their enemies. “At any given time, however, the American forces seldom numbered over 20,000; in 1781 there were about 29,000 insurgents under arms throughout the country. The war was therefore one fought by small field armies” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2007, p.2). Many lives were lost. Many people were killed, but they were willing to do that and protected their country’s future for the ultimate price of freedom. Therefore, even though people use guns to kill people, it should be still a person’s right to own a gun and protect him or herself. As the history shows, this countries freedom relies on exactly this dependency and of possessing that right.
This right has been guaranteed to us by the Second Amendment of the Constitution. The Second Amendment was placed after the rights of religion, free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of peaceable assembly and the right to petition the government for redress of grievances, our First Amendment rights, for good reason. It is one of our Civil right and should never be taken away from us. If too strict laws are unable to protect our lives, our families and our properties then it should be our job to do so. The law needs to protect the ones who respect it and do not break the law. There are many loopholes in the laws that protect the ones who do not pay any respect to...

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