Gun Control

Gun Control

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Gun Control
William Macklin, Sue Pina, Thomas Smith, Norman Vik
July 14, 2013
Dr. Barry McCrary

Policy Making Steps
Gun control in America is a topic that can make or break a politician’s career, many would argue that changing gun control policy in this country is a crime, unconstitutional, and violates the second amendment. There are individuals who say the altering of gun control policy is too costly and will increase the ever-mounting obligation the current administration is accountable for. On the other side of the issue of gun control legislation millions of Americans want new gun control policies who think this new policy will enhance the safety of America’s children.
The first step in changing the gun control policy is to identify the problem. How does this problem become policy and how did the problem of gun control capture the interest of politicians. This paper will attempt to answer the question of how did gun control gained support from the community, and key interest groups identified. When Americans kill each other the weapon of selection is frequently a gun. Guns used to murder Americans twice as often as individuals use any other murder weapon. One action that makes America an incomparable nation is the number of guns, the regularity of gun murders, and the appallingly high number of yearly gun deaths. Most of the industrialized nations worldwide do not have the gun problems that America has. That problem is regular mass shootings, a population armed and violent, and tens of thousands of gun deaths per year.
The problem of gun control and steps to change policy has come to the attention of politicians nationwide because of tragic mass murders of America’s children...

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