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In the overall picture, today's men are supposed to be confident and
assertive towards women and yet many men still suffer from what is known
as gynephobia. Gynephobia, the fear of women, is most common in men
who rarely interact with women in the everyday life. This problem, whose
origin habitually nascences in the latter stages of male childhood,
affects men in such a way that the concluding outcome is the total
inversion of what "supposed" attitudes by men towards women are expected
to be.
Although this phobia creates numerous problems in a victim's future life
due to hurtful
and often horrid past experiences with women, it can be treated with
proper therapy and sufficient time.

Irregular traits in the male character are becoming more and more
common everyday, and the ones related to gynephobia are all tied-in to
past abuse by the female sex. The molding of masculine young breed is a
crutial and sensitive era that will, in the long run, reflect a male's
future personallity and train of thought. Problems associated with
genephobia reflect mixed and underdeveloped feelings such as fear,
shyness and a sence of inferiority towards women. Such symptoms are the
results of past psychological and/or physical abuse from this opposite
sex. Quite often in a male's teenage life, abusive mothers and other
female members of the family account for a large percentage of the abuse
being done to these innocent juvenile males. Another large and common
offender to men in this sensual epoch of growth are the unusual
agressive and dominant female characters who possess negative and often
destructive relationships with them. All problems linked to gynephobia
are tied-in to some sort of previous ill relationships with women,
causing nothing but problems for these inocent and insecure men.

In order for a gynephobic to relieve himself of these drastic problems,
he will have to spend long and straneous periods of time with proper...